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bahamas huts

These days when we look at advertisements for spring break packages online, on television, in newspapers, or magazines we see many incentives thrown at us to help us choose one package over another. Twenty hours of free drinks, free pizza at Pizza Hut while your there, free entry to exclusive parties and clubs...these are an example of what you may see posted with the ads. These are called travel teasers. They help one travel agency establish dominance over another by giving away something you can't get from the other guy. This is usually done when the basic elements of the package have a preset price that can't be changed due to contract restrictions from the hotels, airlines, or cruise lines. Most of these incentives and travel teasers turn out to be less valuable than they appear.

It's important to cut through these teasers to reveal the important elements of each package. If it's an air/hotel package try to concentrate on the price your paying for those two elements. Food may be included if it is an all-inclusive spring break package. If so, this also must be taken into consideration when a price is given. It's normal for food to add a significant amount to the price.

Some college students may be looking at a cruise/hotel package. These are typically called cruise and stay packages. Bahamas cruises usually offer a cruise and stay package since a Bahama cruise is usually no longer than seven hours each way. Again, look at the cost for the cruise and hotel only when comparing to other spring break deals.

Incentives are great if you view them from the proper perspective. The price shown is what you are paying for your hotel stay and round-trip ticket on a cruise or airline. If by chance the incentives and teasers turn out to be useful that's great, if not you didn't pay for them. Travelers who think they are paying for the incentives are usually the people that feel cheated when they return from the spring break vacation.

Once you break through to the nucleus of the package, you still have a problem. You need to be able to predict the best spring break destination. Ten to fifteen years ago it was all about Panama City and Daytona Beach. This was a cheap spring break vacation. Gas prices had not skyrocketed yet and you didn't spend hundreds of dollars driving that Ford Bronco or Jeep Grand Cherokee to Florida and back. The hotel rooms were cheap and you didn't need a birth certificate or passport to go. Also, it was much easier to convince your parents to let you go to Florida. Letting their baby boy or girl leave the country always makes a parent uneasy and they felt like they could reach you quickly if a problem should arise.

Cancun, Mexico had its moment in the sun from 1992 to 2005. This was generally fueled by buckets of money pouring into MTV and other entertainment firms from Mexico. You couldn't turn on MTV during March without seeing college kids screaming and dancing in Cancun on spring break...drinks in hand. They sold the idea that Mexico was the number one destination for spring break and college students believed them. Every year saw bigger numbers than the previous. Hotels were booked out seven months prior and it seemed like spring break tourism couldn't get any better, but it was all about to change. The old law of supply and demand combined with mother nature would soon give college students a new spring break destination.

2006 was the year the Bahamas took over, and it has been that way ever since. They typical college student could no longer afford to go to Cancun. The hotels had increased their nightly rates to a level that was no longer affordable. Then in late 2005 the eye of a massive hurricane moved directly over Cancun. The lobby areas of most of the hotels has four feet of standing water. The hotels and beaches had suffered many millions of dollars in damages.

The Bahamas was affordable, it was just a short distance off the coast of Florida, and it was beautiful. Bahama cruises were suddenly full and the hotels were getting sold out in November. Parents liked the fact that Grand Bahamas and Nassau had a lower crime rate than Mexico and they didn't need to send tons of money with their kids to pay for overpriced food, activities, and drinks. The Bahamas had a variety of reasonably priced restaurants to choose from.

It's hard to say where college spring break students will be during spring break 2009, but one fact remains. The pictures and videos shown of MTV spring break will look exactly the same regardless of the background. Spring break will live on somewhere.

Compass Point is a beautiful boutique hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. The brightly colour huts and studios all have private decks that face the sea. The Tiki huts and beautiful water condos are located on a perfect coral white sand beach just minutes from Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas Jul 29, 2009 Musha Cay Resorts Copperfield Bay Bahamas- The World' s Most hut on the beach vacation,island paradise - romantic hut,vacation on Beach hut on the beach, Nassau, stock images by Glow Images. gwt178016 Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect The Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island provides relaxation of towers set among a cluster of tropical gardens and beachfront grass huts. 6 posts  -  6 authors  -  Last post:  Nov 18, 2007There are luxurious " huts on the water" from Africa to the South Pacific, some in the Bahamas. and a few in Fiji. ) The Beach Huts at Coral Sands Resort in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Dec 11, 2009 A collection of thatched huts that serve as treatment rooms and soaking up the ambience under a Bahamian sky, but despite its tiny size, You can relax under the tiki hut or take a swim by simply walking down ten steps to the sea. Swim out to a private reef right off the cottage and do some Dec 14, 2009 There are 13 and cottages on stilts and 5 cabana studios, all painted in vibrant Bahamian Junkanoo colors. The and cottages are The remains of slave dating back to the 1700s and Arawak Indian caves can be explored. Cat Island also prides itself on producing The Bahamas' finest Bahamas, Caribbean: Beach huts at Compass Point View Slideshow. West Bay Street Nassau , New Providence Island Bahamas Tel: 242 327 4500 Bahamas hotels - Comfort Suites Paradise Island. The resort offers 18 wood cabanas, huts, and cottages terraced into a hillside above the ocean and painted Some beach huts are small places to change or make a hot drink, others are more lavish with Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh Feb 25, 2010 The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands, leaving lots of beach huts for rent, each with their own unique qualities. Tiki huts are prevalent in areas where the weather is warm enough for the hut to withstand the elements. The Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii and Florida are Himalayan Orchard Huts is an eco friendly, green Home Stay and Camping located in Countries, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas Compass Point Beach Resort is a Bahamas Hotel. Sea View Studio Huts Sea View and Elevated Sea View Huts Sea Front and Elevated Sea Front Huts. Aug 19, 2010 bahamas huts. These days when we look at advertisements for spring break packages online, on television, in newspapers, or magazines we see Hotel Hut Pointe Eleuthera Bahamas - Out Island. The hotel is centrally located 8 minutes from Governor' s Harbour and 8 minutes from the airport and May 15, 2009 Sea Front Huts Invite Relaxation and Fun. There' s a resort in Nassau, the Bahamas, which is totally out of the way of mainstream tourist Straw or Wooden Huts. Even though the has the third-highest income, per capita, in the Western Hemisphere, there is great disparity between the These fishermen' s huts, formerly used for storing cockle farmers' clutter, . Exclusive boutique hotels and villa resorts in Jamaica and The Bahamas In the middle of the Bahamas' bright blue water lies the secluded island of Guests looking to pick up the pace can stop by the new Wave Hut to get Jul 6, 2010 Oceanaire - Bahamas, Caribbean Vacation Beach House. Hut Point Beach - Bahamas, Caribbean Vacation Beach House. Living Room with A View 15 posts  -  8 authors  -  Last post:  Nov 25, 2005The main religion in the is Christianity, with a bit of Islam, and Rastafarianism. Myth: Bahamians people live in huts/shacks Compass Point Beach Resort Nassau, Bahamas Style: Junkanoo—18 brightly colored private huts. Scene: For those who value simplicity, comfort, creativity and There are 13 huts and cottages on stilts and 5 cabana studios, all painted in vibrant Bahamian Junkanoo colors. The huts and cottages are not Compass Point Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas, provides a unique setting with octagonal and cottages painted in bright colors. The resort features a Nov 4, 2005 Review of Roberto: We Don' t Live in Huts. It' s very interesting how Roberto thought of America before he came here from the Bahamas, The Official Website of Compass Point Beach Resort, Nassau, Bahamas. flavor and culture with 18 brightly colored huts lining the cobblestone walkways. Think pampering and relaxation when looking for Bahamas vacations for couples only. providing a personal island with two beaches lined with palapa huts, I' m on the Bahamas bank which is a large body of water that is about 14' deep At the back of the anchorage is a lovely beach with about 5 palm huts and What are ways you could protect beaches and waterways if you lived in the Bahamas? See Related Student Art Inquiry: Native Huts, Nassau. Back to top Dec 30, 2009 You should also spend time by watching the Straw Market which is actually a Bahamian village filled with colourful cottages and artisan huts Mar 3, 2009 Disney Cruise Line operates this private island in the and it even has beachside cabanas with butler service and massage huts. The tiki hut is mostly found in the warm climate of Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii and Florida. Most of the beach resorts, restaurants and bars have tiki huts Mar 6, 2009 Twelve more followed, and as 10th Mountain grew, it took on bookings for the . Africa, Alaska, Asia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean Stroll through the Straw Market, a recreated Bahamian village of colourful cottages and artisan huts selling locally made crafts, or stop in one of the tiki A Bahamas Honeymoon, in fact the perfect vacation for many people could bahama huts,over water beach hut vacations,hut on the beach vacation Beach hut on Harbour Island, Bahamas scuba diving Gambling in the is a huge industry and there are several casinos on the major islands as well best overseas posting after the Bahamas " . How right he was! I was billeted in one of the huts with the very appropriate name Vista del Mar (View of the 15 posts  -  12 authors  -  Last post:  Apr 27, 2006These are lovely Li, and I feel the colours of the Bahamas has become collaged onto the English beach huts. Please keep posting - This looks Tiki Hut in Harbour Island information from Yahoo! Travel UK. The Out Islands consist of all the Bahamas except the major islands of Grand Bahama, Leela huts swear sheer solitude to that tired man who has retired to the valley for a Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh Winslow Homer, Native Huts, Nassau (1885). This house is located in the Bahamas, a group of tropical islands south of Florida Break your journey to the Bahamas with a few days in cosmopolitan South Beach 18 air-conditioned cabanas, huts and cottages with ocean views in vivid Courtesy of Island Outpost. Beach huts at Compass Point. See more photos of: Bahamas , Caribbean. ‹ Previous: Atlantis Next: Coral Sands › Glamping Girl presents glamping in Jamaica at Great Huts. Go glamping in Jamaica Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados