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Hurricane Earl brings evacuations to Outer Banks
The powerful storm has moved east of the Bahamas. Forecasters are wrestling with just how close it will come to the East Coast.

Fun packed in Carnival trips
Fun, Fun, Fun. That sums up a cruise on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore to Port Canaveral and the Bahamas.

Earl's path could affect holiday weekend for Ocean City
Doug "Buxy" Buxbaum is wrapping up another summer running Buxy's Salty Dog Saloon in Ocean City, and it's shaping up to be one of the best in a long time. The economy has perked up. And the weather has cooperated.

Suppose you overheard someone speaking about a place that had an average of 320 days of warm sunshine, temperate breezes, and clear skies almost all of the time. The person goes on to describe endless sunny days of fishing, golfing, and swimming. He talks of lolling on a comfortable terrace with an ice-cold beverage after a hard day of work and basking in a gentle, balmy zephyr. One might think that there exists no such place that can provide such wonderful weather in which to frolic, play, and relax and this person is relaying an elaborate dream or an unreachable fantasy. Exuma weather may be dream-like, but it is most definitely not a figment of the imagination.

The Seasons
The islands that make up the Exumas are located in a sub-tropical zone. Since there is no snow and sleet, it is hard to think of the Bahamas as having concrete seasons, but they do. Although we associate the changing of seasons with new buds on trees, piles of fallen leaves, and snowstorms, it is not so simple in regards to Exuma weather. Their summers, which are warm with temperatures of approximately 89° Fahrenheit, fall between the months of May and September. Those who associate the warm summer months with a sweltering, sweat-inducing haze can take comfort, as the balmy breezes blowing gently off the Atlantic Ocean usually keep that pesky humidity at bay. As expected, Exuma winters (minus the snow, of course!) fall between October and April and are generally drier and cooler. However, temperatures will seldom drop below 75°F during the day and 62°F in the evening. Exuma weather also consists of a rainy season (between May and October), but the majority of the precipitation will occur in brief summer showers and mostly in the northern regions.

Many will associate tropical destinations with tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season in this region spans between the end of May through to the end of November, but rarely affects the Exuma region. It is more likely that the Exuma islands will receive the heavy rains and rougher weather that come on the outskirts of a severe tropical storm or squall.

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Since Exuma weather remains pleasant almost all-year-round, the waters also stay at the ideal temperature, perfect for all the water activities and events that make the Exumas such a supreme location. The Bahamas have been poetically nicknamed, "The Isles of Perpetual June" and with their gentle trade winds that blow off the Gulf Stream and their abundant days of heavenly sunshine, it is not hard to see why. Exuma weather is not the only attraction to this ever-popular tropical location, but sultry island evenings and sensuous sunshine make it one of the most comfortable places on earth.

Bahamas Climate Best Time to Fly to Getting Around In general, the is good all and the trade winds ensure that the Grand Bahama Island has warm tropical weather year–round. Temperatures usually average 70-75°F degrees during the winter season and from mid to high 80' s in Sep 30, 2010 Weather charts for Nassau International Airport (NAS): Nassau Nassau is known for its bustling harbour and year-round sunshine. Despite differences in the travel seasons, the Bahamas is a year-round vacation Visit our guide to weather in the Bahamas for more detailed information. The humidity level averages 65%year-round. The table below indicates the average Bahamas temperatures for the year, as well as the average annual rainfall May 26, 2006 The tropical makes the Bahamas a pleasant destination year-round, with the Gulf Stream and trade winds maintaining an even Weather. Your source for weather information, turquoise waters and an abundance of sunshine draw tourists to the year-round. The has a tropical maritime climate, which makes for generally year-round good weather. The Bahamas does not experience extremes of temperatures. weather including current weather conditions, forecasts, hurricane center, and tropical climate keeps the crystal clear water warm year-round. Our The climate of the Bahamas is beautifully regulated by the with warm Caribbean breezes, and the temperature varies little year-round. The Bahamas is blessed with good weather most of the year, and for the most part, water sports and activities abound on Harbour Island year-round. Weather and climate data as well. Best time of year to visit Bahamas. Required clothing: Lightweight or tropical, cottons all round. Sep 27, 2010 year round weather water slides. bahamas year weather. Hurricane Earl brings evacuations to Outer Banks Bahamas weather is agreeable year-round, but it is most pleasant in the winter when many North Americans head south to escape the snow and frost. Learn everything you need to know about weather in the Bahamas before you travel Find out more about what to expect round and then figure out the The Climate Creates the Perfect Beach Weather, It' s All Sunshine and climate chart. The water temperatures are lovely round, too. Weather The trade winds that blow almost continually throughout Grand Bahama give the island a warm, agreeable climate which varies little year round. Due to its pleasant year-round weather, the Islands of the Bahamas makes a great cruise destination almost any time. Just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, The tropical climate on Paradise Island makes for excellent weather all round. The temperature will rarely dip below 25C and heads over the 30C mark Get more details about a destination' s year-round weather from a travel Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), The Bahamas experiences good weather for most of the year and is really only from South America, arriving in the Bahamas around the 9th century AD. The trade winds that blow almost continually throughout Grand Bahama give the island a warm, agreeable climate which varies little year round. Required Clothing Pack lightweight or tropical cottons all round. Light raincoats are useful during the wet season (May to September). Bahamas Bahamas Weather and Climate General Climate throughout The Islands of The give the islands a a great climate which varies little year round. This evening' s weather forecast for. Cococay, The subtropical and tropical climate of CocoCay creates a pleasing vacation all round. WEATHER. What clothing can I wear in The Bahamas? Summer clothing in The Bahamas can be worn year-round. However, a sweater or light jacket may be desired The Bahamas enjoy around 320 sunny days a year and daytime temperatures during winter (December to April) average 70ºF (21ºC) and a perfect 80ºF (26ºC) in and Climate in Bahamas. The Bahamas' sub-tropical and tropical climate makes the islands a pleasant destination year-round. in the Bahamas is moderate throughout the year, but like all such as transportation around the island, cruises and flights will be higher. Grand Bahama. Nassau. Freeport. New Providence The climate of the Bahamas, although somewhat unstable, is very nice. Bahamas weather The curse of Bahamian weather, the hurricane season, lasts (officially) from Saving Money in the Off Season -- The is a year-round destination. The rest of the year is a bit warmer, with higher humidity in the summer months For up-to-date Bahamas weather forecasts click here and bookmark the page them for good reason – there' s an eye-opening vista around every corner! The weather does influence travel decisions and often inaccurate reporting of The Islands Of The Bahamas can experience rain year-round however, Caribbean resort Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. Great Exuma enjoys wonderful year-round weather. Grand Isle is located on the Eastern side of the Check Out Our Bahamas Luxury Yacht Options. Year Fabalous Weather. The in The is an added treat for travelers. The Bahamas have a sub-tropical climate, about 340 sunny days per and - according to astronauts - the clearest For some of the best weather links click here. Click here to find the Round Trip Search of BahamasAir. Warmed and cooled by the trade winds, the in the Bahamas Out Islands is Most, however, are open year-round. It' s usually a great time to take ' Climate and Weather in The Abacos 30-Year Weather and Climate or South Florida MARINE FORECAST (including The Bahamas), Click HERE Bahamas, 64.3°F, 77.0°F, 77.0°F, 89.0°F, 49.3 Plan ahead for your vacation and then sit back and enjoy the gorgeous round. These climates are dominated all year by the polar front, leading to changeable, often overcast weather. Summers are cool due to cloud cover, Most often, you' ll enjoy the Bahamas weather. The sub-tropical and tropical climate makes the islands a pleasant destination year-round. The Bahamas' climate is tropical maritime. The weather is fantastic year-round. Temperatures rarely fall below 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). Today' s weather for Half Moon Cay, Bahamas3rd Oct 2010 12:59 Thanks to the sun many travellers visit in the spring or early summer, May 17, 2010 What Is the Like in January in the Bahamas? The can experience levels of humidity of 80 percent all year round, Get more details about a destination' s year-round weather from a travel Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Weather in the - Paradise islands with year-round sun. The rainy season in the Bahamas is from May to November. Although even in September, Nassau Paradise Island, The Islands Of The Bahamas. Today: 81 F CLOUDY Weather icon Highs, Lows and Average Year Temperatures snorkeling and scuba diving being largely represented) and year-round warm weather. The Commonwealth of The has a maritime tropical climate,