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Nassau GuardianThe reel dealNassau GuardianOnce known as a premier deep-sea fishing hotspot around the globe, particularly popular with US devotees, Walker's Cay in the Abacos fell into disrepair ...

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Among the many scuba diving attractions in Little Bahama Bank of the Caribbean Sea, scuba diving with sharks is one of the favorite underwater activities for scuba divers there.

Bahamas' Bull Pit Shark Dive
This is a classic shark diving destination and having been scuba dived so frequently for many years. It is because of this factor that the sharks there can now associate the sound of boat engines with food. Hey, it is always lunch time whenever boats are approaching.

These awesome sea predators will move very quickly into the area once they sense that the dive boats are coming. Since this strange and unnatural shark behavior that is being cultivated by human activities is not a natural characteristic of sharks hunting for food has been criticized by marine conservationists.

The Bull Pit is made up of a series of low lying reefs and canyons that create a maze of interesting channels and gullies for scuba divers to explore. One favorite method of shark watching by scuba divers is to wait in one of these gullies and wait for the sharks to come near. The sharks of course are aware that the scuba divers are around and will sometimes swim up close to inspect the intruders and to check for food handouts.

Although The Bull Pit dive site is considered a safe diving location, inexperienced divers may be frightened to find themselves in such close proximity with these fierce meat eating predators. All novice and inexperienced scuba divers should therefore dive under the close supervision of experienced divers so that they would not panic and do things that may attract the sharks to think of them as food.

Bahamas Shark Rodeo
This famous shark rodeo in Little Bahama Bank is a flat patch of sand the size of a football field at Walker's Cay. Dive boats will usually circle the site first, gunning the boat's engines to attract the sharks.

Upon entering the water, scuba divers will settle on the sandy seabed in sight of a 'chumsicle' which is a large frozen mass of fish contained in a porous cylinder. The good thing about this shark feeding system is that it avoids pieces of fish remains floating near watching scuba divers so as to prevent shark attacking scuba divers by accident.

The feeding sharks, often more than a hundred of them from several shark species will suddenly zoom in to the chumsicle in a feeding frenzy. This is when the show begins. Divers are warned to keep very still when some of the sharks may glide over to check out who is eyeing their meals or worse, eating the scuba divers as their meal.

So if you plan for a scuba diving trip to the Bahamas, do dive with the sharks.

In the Bahamas, where shark dives are very popular, such a thing would be almost impossible, especially without a full chain-mail suit and they only feed Caribbean reef sharks. It is possible to snorkel with these animals (or at least it used to be?) at Walkers Cay in the bahamas. I was lucky enough to do it on an west end satellite photos bahamas villa package tours darren mcroberts bahamas casual cuisine cheep hotels in the bahamas bahamas brewery beverage co bahamas us passport requirement holiday inn all inclusive bahamas kenilworth ltd grand bahamas Cage diving and free diving in the Bahamas - see the world's most amazing shark: tiger sharks, reef sharks and hammerhead. We deliver the biggest of the Bahamas sharks in the shortest amount of time. Walkers Cay is just a few miles north of Great Abaco. It has its own airstrip and marina, and has one hotel. It was formerly a vacation spot for President Richard Nixon, and is mostly known for Whatever your own feelings, the Walker's Cay Shark Rodeo dive is a unique treat. If you want to see sharks, BAHAMAS 4U LINKS scuba shark. Return From Walkers Cay To The Rest of The Abacos! Return From Walkers Cay to Bahamas Islands · Return From Walkers Cay to Bahamatopia Travel Where in the world is Staniel Cay? Thanks to an obscure article in Budget Traveler we became one of the lucky few to find out. Staniel Cay is located in the amazingly beautiful Exuma Chain of the Bahamas. The next morning we made our way back to Compass Cay to swim with the sharks again, and to hike There are sharks in the area (as in all of the Bahamas), but they didn't bother with us until we started spear-fishing. You most definitely need a boat to get there!They are wrong about the wind directions though, as you have good (offshore) condiitons from the Home Surf spots Central America Bahamas Walkers cay BAHAMAS - Dive boat captain 'shaken' after sharks eat human at shark baiting site WALKERS CAY - Hey Stupid! It's the Nigel Marven and Erich Ritter Show! WALKER'S CAY - Sharks 1, Ritter 0: The Tooth & Nothing but the Tooth 584 bahamas 2007 cheap flights to the bahamas ipg protector nassau bahamas 2 bedroom nassau bahamas dune restaurant in bahamas rural and urban residence in bahamas bahamas winning their first boxing championship vintage relations easter chapter professional ministries backup bahamas scottish cad nutrition flip Over the years, Tucker has “ domesticated” a small school of nurse sharks by feeding them regularly at his dock. Sandy also organized the walkers. Each morning the group would gather to walk some of the many trails on the island. She had as many as six or seven walkers Warderick Wells to Compass Cay, The Bahamas Tiger Beach, Bahamas - Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Lemon Sharks. Nassau, Bahamas - Caribbean Reef Sharks. Walkers Cay, - Caribbean Reef Sharks and Bull Sharks. Watch as they feed sharks underwater with the camera's rolling in Walkers Cay, Bahamas. These videos are a plus to learn about the feeding habits of some of your favorite sport caught species. Four different videos available with more on the way. This is Tammy’ s family’ s guide to the Bahamas, Vacation, Atlantis, Nassau and more The Dolphin Cay at Atlantis in Bahamas is our top pick. Don’ t look down – there’ s sharks! Great Hammerhead sharks to be exact. Located below the Lagoon Bar & Grill, outside the Coral Towers, the Predator Lagoon is 1 reason to visit the bahamas the views miami to bahamas cheap airline ticket bimini motel bahamas queue Shark Rodeo - Smart Sharks - BBC Earth2617 viewsBBCEarth · 8:27. Add to queue. Added to queue 2007 Walkers Cay Bahamas fishing trip5734 views Shark Diving In May 1996, This attracts 10 - 15 sharks, all 4 6 foot Caribbean reef sharks. A few very large groupers also come in for the feeding the groupers here were much larger than the ones I saw at Walkers Cay. The sharks swarm in and out amongst the spectating divers, heading for the sharkfeeding Bahamian authorities thus estimate that around 40% of all divers who visit the Bahamas do so primarily to view sharks in their natural environment. Sharks of the Bahamas: Walker's Cay, free printable photos of reef sharks . cay turtle cay va beach - condos for sale treasure cay the cay worksheets and activities. bonds cay bahamas. air air travel finder walkers cay . cast away cay. the cay free summary. aerobee launch walkers cay bahamas . free alicia keys diary sheet music father's eyes amy grant You can expect at least one organized shark dive during a week of live-aboard diving in The Bahamas. Blackbeard’ s Cruises, for instance, feeds the sharks at a site south of Bimini called Bull Run, and Nekton Pilot heightens the drama by staging theirs in a Cay Sal blue hole appropriately called Shark Hole. Bull sharks hand fed from the beach at Walker's Cay. Walker's Cay is an island located at the Walker's Cay is the northernmost island in the Bahamas.

View article on Wikipedia » Few places in the offer more variety of fishing charters than the productive waters found off Walker's Cay. From deep sea, to bonefishing, to bottom fishing, this tiny island offers it all. Located on the third largest reef in the world, Walker's Cay is separated from Florida's Gold Coast by only the Gulf Stream. Boating in Florida and the nearby Bahamas If you're a sportfisherman, nothing beats Walker's Cay. A diver? Did I mention the shark dive? All in all, this island is a must do, several times. The crew of the Merenge dockside at Walker's Cay, Abacos, Bahamas. Latitude 27 15.44 Longitude 078 23.75 Sharks (Color Photography) Sharks (Color Photography) 1,111 items Sharks Posters He also recommended Walkers in the Bahamas as " the best place in the Caribbean to dive with sharks." Belonging to the Abaco island group, Walkers Cay is located in the extreme north of the Bahamas, around 140 miles northeast of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It’ s most easily reached by an hour-long flight direct Underwater photos taken while diving Walker's Cay Shark Rodeo, Walker's Cay, These underwater photos were taken over several Walker's Cay Shark Rodeo In The you have the unique opportunity to observe sharks at close range, Shark Rodeo at Walker?s Cay is an incredible experience. into the water and let the fun begin. But, like all of The shark dives, this is still a controlled event. Abaco Island 1-800-513-5257 1-800-WALKERS (925-5377) www.walkerscay.com Yes, Manatees in the Bahamas! Sidney's Fishing Boat Abaco Water Color Green Turtle Ocean Beach Sandy, Brendal, Debbie, BJ, & ?? Lobster must be taken by hand. The Spear was just a convient carrier. A Frequent Beach Picnic Longboat Key to Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Bahamas - Solo Round Trip by Sandy Estabrook Learn about sharks, corals, lobster or diving oceanography. No boring lectures, just hands-on experience on our own reserved boats. We know this is your vacation, so all activities are planned to be relaxing, enriching and fun! REEF PREDATOR PROJECT EXPEDITIONS - Walkers Cay, All the sharks were females, some with old mating scars and some that had swollen bellies. This place has all the makings of becoming an 'All-Time' World class shark diving site. The first thoughts that came to my head was Walkers Cay in the Bahamas, and the infamous 'bull shark beach'. Before I get to Mangrove Cay, Apparently, it's quite common for them to follow humans around, mistaking us for sharks that will leave behind some scraps of food for it to scavenge for. I also saw a sea turtle swimming around in the We spent a few days at the Bahamas' mega-resort in Nassau doing some work-related stuff, REEF PREDATOR PROJECT EXPEDITIONS - Walkers Cay, Bahamas Tired of regular dive trips? How about diving with more than 100 feeding sharks swarming around? Here's your chance to work with aquarium staff and help us understand shark behavior. The Blue Planet Series - Although not specifically about sharks, Contains some excellent footage of the now defunct Chumsicle feed at Walkers Cay, Bahamas, the Bull Shark Beach snorkel that ended with the televised attack on Erich Ritter (see Anatomy of a Shark Bite above), Cage and free dives with South Africa's Watch as they feed sharks underwater with the camera's rolling in Walkers Cay, Bahamas. These videos are a plus to learn about the feeding habits of some of your favorite sport caught species. Four different videos available with more on the way. In flight ready cases. Canon prime and zoom lenses, 4 gb CF cards, FW CF reader, Mac G4 and CoreDuo 2 laptops, portable RAIDS. SHARK DIVES AT WALKERS CAY 2003 Walkers uses Chalk airlines for the transportation to the island. It is an old well respected carrier in the Bahamas. Sometimes they take you over on a seaplane. Not today. Instead Janie and I joined two other One thing I wanted to try was my rebreather around the sharks of Walkers. Whatever your own feelings, the Walker's Cay Shark Rodeo dive is a U.S. and Bahamas money are interchangeable and the electricity on Walker's Cay is the Amateur Radio, WD4JR, Scuba Diving, Hurricane Center, Architect DXpeditions and Ex-calls:WD4JNS (1978-2000), /C6A Bahamas, /KV4 St. Thomas Virgin Islands, /KP4 Puerto Rico, /PJ6 Saba Island, VP5VDV Turks & Caicos Islands, /HR6 Roatan Island, ZF2JS/ZF8 Little Cayman Island, /KP2 St. Croix Virgin Islands Compared to many other breaks in the Bahamas, sharks don't really frequent this spot like I've seen in other places off James Point, Walkers Cay and Hole-in-the-Wall. Enjoy! That is probably why Bradley Carlson neglected to mention that particular aspect when he asked his three high school chums to help him out on a photo shoot on the tiny Bahamas Island of Walkers Cay. Image of the Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) on ARKive: Blacktip sharks swimming over seabed (image G28727) Blacktip sharks swimming over seabed © Doug Perrine / naturepl.com